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Is sleep training your preemie any different than sleep training a full-term child? Are there any tips and tricks that can help? Let’s try to answer these questions in the post below!

A baby born earlier than 37 weeks is different from a full-term baby. Preemies need more sleep, are more fragile, and are at higher risk of developmental problems.

However, one thing is the same: both premature and mature babies need high-quality sleep.

In 2011, a study confirmed what was believed for a long time: growth hormone is produced during sleep. This was the first study to show a…

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Sleep training in an apartment. It sounds impossible and inconsiderate towards neighbors. But did you know that there are some things you can do to make the process go pleasantly?

Sleep training by itself can be a challenging task. It can be a double challenge when you live in an apartment or any other living space with shared walls.

Teaching your little one how to sleep independently can leave you exhausted and sleep-deprived. But it can be troublesome for your next-door neighbors, too.

So, what do you do when you have a crying baby at home that needs to be…

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Remember the term “sleep like a baby?” It’s probably coined from someone who’s never had kids because newborns make all kinds of weird sounds when they sleep. Here are the most common baby sleep sounds and their meaning.

You knew that newborns would be adorable. You also knew they would cry, fuss, and need plenty of diaper changes.

What you didn’t know was that newborns make a ton of weird sounds.

Newborns grunt, snort, fart, cry, smack their lips, blubber, and make all kinds of gurgling sounds.

The good news is that all the sounds your newborn makes are perfectly…

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Keeping your little one snugged nicely in a swaddle helps him sleep more soundly. But at some point, you’ll have to do the swaddle transition. Here are a few tips for doing it successfully.

Swaddling a newborn has helped many parents keep their babies warm and secure. Especially when it comes to fussy babies, being snuggly wrapped means sleeping more soundly throughout the night.

Although it’s super comfy and soothing for babies, swaddling is not something you can do forever. …

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If your baby refuses to sleep in the crib, there’s no need to despair! Here are four reasons why that happens and what to do.

Here’s one scenario: your 8-month old goes down for naps in her crib every day just fine with zero fusses. But when bedtime comes, she just wants to cuddle and sleep next to you. The second you try to put her down in her crib, she becomes inconsolable unless you pick her up.

Here’s a different scenario: you’re five months pregnant with your second child and need to get your 12-month-old to sleep and stay…

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Are you wondering how to do the 2 to 1 nap transition? Use these tips to help your little one become a fantastic sleeper with just one nap a day.

Many parents dread the 2 to 1 nap transition. Why? Because it means your child will now nap for only two hours per day, and the entire rest of the day, she’ll be up craving your attention.

But there’s no escaping-children require less sleep as they grow older. Dropping the second nap is critical.

If you stick with the two naps for too long, you’ll end up with bedtime fightings

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If your baby refuses to nap, don’t panic. Here’s why that happens and a few tested strategies for helping your little one get some shut-eye.

Your newborn is the perfect baby. She’s easy-going, she’s cute as a button, and she doesn’t wake up too often at night.

The only downside is she refuses to nap. On average, she gets maybe an hour of nap per day, probably less.

You’ve tried everything that other parents suggested: the white noise, the blackout curtains, the Rock ‘n Play. Nothing worked.

And now you’re out of ideas.

Caught between feeding your older kid and…

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Baby sleep associations: what are they and how are they interrupting your little one’s sleep? Read on and find out.

Becoming a parent means adopting a whole new range of vocabulary. All of a sudden, you find yourself using words like “ catnapping,” “ sleep regression,” and “separation anxiety.”

There’s another word that gets tossed around a lot, and that’s “baby sleep associations.”

But what exactly are baby sleep associations, and how are they standing in your way to restful sleep?

I’ll discuss this in this post below. Stay tuned until the end, where I explain how to break sleep…

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Wondering how to stop rocking your baby to sleep? Don’t despair: read on to find seven tips for how to say bye-bye to sleepless nights and help your baby fall asleep independently.

Here’s a story that has happened to many mothers:

After bringing your baby home, you quickly realized that she would immediately fall asleep after a few minutes of rocking in your arms. Proud, you felt like you’re genuinely bonding with your little one.

People would often tell you: “Don’t get in the habit of rocking your baby to sleep — she’ll get used to it,” but you just…

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Those parents who’ve tried it know: sleep training means ongoing dedication, consistency, and hard work. It involves following a consistent bedtime routine, teaching your little one how to sleep on his own, paying attention to nap times, and more.

But how do you sleep train a baby when you’re a working mom? Are you never going to take a good night’s sleep ever again?

Not quite. You absolutely can sleep train successfully -you just need to apply some specific strategies that will transform your little one from being a terrible sleeper to the ultimate sleep-all-night person.

Here’s how:

Choose the start time for sleep training very carefully

Generally, sleep…

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